Last Night in Dalian

Tonight is my last night in Dalian, China. To celebrate my final night, I’m sharing a portrait of the security(?) / handyman who watches the building I’ve lived in for the past two years. He is one of the friendliest people I have met in China.


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Upside Down Jing

My time in China is coming to a close. In one month, I will be returning to the US. In my time here I haven’t learned to read much beyond a menu, but I can tell when a Chinese character is upside-down.

upside down jing

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The Morning Market

If you read my blog regularly you know that I like the podcast On Taking Pictures. It is one of the best photography podcasts out there. At the end of every episode they give an assignment for their listeners to go out and photograph. A couple of weeks ago the assignment was market. When I heard the assignment I knew I would be going to the local morning market near my house.

These are my three favorite images.

Morning Market-4443

Morning Market-4444

Morning Market-4472

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Side Alley Action

While wandering around Hong Kong’s Central District, I found two small alleys that are great for photography. They are Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West. Both alleys are filled with small stalls selling all kinds of clothes. The locals are well aware of both streets. They are packed with shoppers trying to find a good deal.

Side Alley Action

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Dalian Shell Museum

The Dalian Shell museum is one of the coolest buildings in Dalian. It was designed by the Design Institute of Civil Engineering & Architecture of DUT. The building is located on Xinghai Square. I’ve been to this square many times and I’ve never been over to the part of the square where the building is. Most of the times I’ve been to Xinghai Square I’m showing visitors around the city, not taking pictures. After almost two years in Dalian, I’ve finally made a photo of the Dalian Shell Museum.

Dalian Shell Museum

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Impressions of Chinese New Year 2.0

The spring semester is full swing here in China, and by necessity my postings are going to become less frequent for the next 12 weeks while I’m busy teaching. For this post, I went back through the archives and found this image from  2014.

Impressions Of Chinese New Year 2

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Feeling Friedlander

The wife and I went to Xishanhu (West Mountain Lake) Park on Sunday. As soon as we got there I new that it would be tough to get a decent a photograph. It was exceptionally bright; there were no clouds in the sky; and it was one of those hazy/smoggy days that destroys the ability to photograph anything in the distance. So, I made up my mind to prove that I am the worst photographer in the world. As my external hard-drive can prove, the mission was a rousing success! Crap piled upon crap. For my persistence, I was awarded with this homage to Lee Friedlander, and a happy wife. Not too bad.

Homage to Lee

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