Impressions of Chinese New Year 2.0

The spring semester is full swing here in China, and by necessity my postings are going to become less frequent for the next 12 weeks while I’m busy teaching. For this post, I went back through the archives and found this image from  2014.

Impressions Of Chinese New Year 2

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Feeling Friedlander

The wife and I went to Xishanhu (West Mountain Lake) Park on Sunday. As soon as we got there I new that it would be tough to get a decent a photograph. It was exceptionally bright; there were no clouds in the sky; and it was one of those hazy/smoggy days that destroys the ability to photograph anything in the distance. So, I made up my mind to prove that I am the worst photographer in the world. As my external hard-drive can prove, the mission was a rousing success! Crap piled upon crap. For my persistence, I was awarded with this homage to Lee Friedlander, and a happy wife. Not too bad.

Homage to Lee

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Geocaching and the Sax Man

One of my new hobbies is geocaching. So, what is geochaching? Basically it is modern day treasure hunting using the GPS on your phone. Other geocachers hide little treasure around the world and tag the location with their GPS which you can go and find. I have found geocaching great for getting me to visit places that I would not normally visit.

Around this time last year I went geocaching for the first time. During this adventure I came across this guy practicing saxophone in a quiet corner of the park where the geocache was hidden.

Sax Man

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From the Escalators

Hong Kong is a great city and I hope I get to go back there someday. I’m still working through my backlog of Hong Kong images from my January trip. This shot was taken from the mid-level escalators on the way to dinner.

From The Escalators

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Missed Connections

If your name is Alison and you have ever been in Hong Kong, someone loves you.

I Love You Alison - 07727

I Love You Alison - 07728

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Zooming Malinda

Another week, another On Taking Pictures assignment. This week the assignment was motion blur. After a couple of days of thinking of what I wanted to do for this assignment, I remembered back to my college days where I saw images that were made by zooming during the exposure. Zooming during the exposure was something that I’ve wanted to try, but never got around to. The motion blur assignment gave me an excuse to give the zooming technique a go.

Zooming Malinda

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Hipster 9

I used to wonder where one could go to become a hipster. Then I came across this store off of Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. So, if you ever wanted to become a hipster all you have to do is go to Hong Kong and shop at Hipster 9.

Hipster 9

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