The High Wire Act

Yesterday, Joshua Tree National Park was free for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My wife and I decided to take advantage of this and visit the park for the afternoon. Little did I know that we would come across one of the coolest things I have seen in the park.

Once in a while, I have come across rock climbers climbing rocks. Joshua Tree is known for its rock climbing. But what we came across, was on a different level. A rock climber doing a high wire act between two giant rocks. It was amazing a quickly drew a crowd.

High Wire Act-04725

High Wire Act-04724

High Wire Act-04748

High Wire Act-04757

High Wire Act-04761

High Wire Act-04770

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Riverside Convention Center

Last weekend I went to downtown Riverside to check out the Mission Inn’s Festival of Lights. While most people were busy checking out the Mission Inn, I was more interested in a new (to me) building downtown. The Riverside Convention Center (designed by DLR Group) opened a couple of years ago and it is one of the more magnificent buildings in downtown Riverside.

Riverside Convention Center

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Carousel: a Homage to Roger Vail

From late November through December, the Living Desert in Palm Desert, California, holds its annual Wild Lights Christmas celebration. During this time, the zoo stays open until 9pm and is decorated for Christmas like Clark Griswold owns the place. While I was checking out the Christmas decorations, I came across the carousel and decided to create a homage to one of my photography professors at Cal State Sacramento, Roger Vail.

Carousel: a Homage to Roger Vail

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Through the Woods

When things aren’t working out in color, try them in black and white.

Through the Woods

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Idyllwild Museum Garden

I had nothing to do last Saturday, so I decided to take a day trip to the mountains to visit Idyllwild. While I was wandering around downtown Idyllwild in search of a bathroom, I came across the Idyllwild Historical Society Museum. The museum has a beautiful garden that is great to relax in for a little while.

Idyllwild Museum Garden

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I can see for miles

It’s amazing to think about all the things near you that you never get around to doing. I decided to check off one of those things on Veteran’s Day by taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. At the top, there is a restaurant and a couple of hiking trails. This image was made on the Desert Views Trail, which takes you to some spectacular views of the Coachella Valley.

I Can See for Miles

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We Watching You

We Watching You

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