Journey to the Sea

Journey to the Sea

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Malinda at the Cliffs of Uluwatu

Malinda at the Cliffs of Uluwatu

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On our 3rd day in Bali, my wife and I decided to take a day trip to Ubud. We had read about the city on the internet and decided it would be an interesting place to visit. Instead of hiring a driver to take us there we decided to take the bus. The guy working the ticket counter at the bus station in Ubud gave us a map and drew a walking tour of the city for us. One of the stops on the tour was the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Padangtegal.

If you want to see monkeys the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Padangtegal is the place to go. It’s basically a small temple complex on the outskirts of Ubud where a large amount of monkeys live. You can buy bananas at the entrance of the forest to give to the monkeys which many people do. The monkeys are used to people and the adolescents will climb on you if they think you might have some bananas.

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An Afternoon at Sindhu Beach

An Afternoon at Sindhu Beach

Sindhu Beach is an great little beach in the Sanur area of Bali. During the day the beach is mostly filled with vacationers, but at around 4pm more and more local people start to show up.

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Poolside at the Tamukami Hotel

Poolside at theTamukami Hotel

First day in Sanur, Bali.

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Preparing the Feast

Preparing the Feast

A major change has happened in my life recently. Last weekend I got married. This photo is one of my favorite shots from the wedding feast in my wife’s hometown. These women showed up at around 6am to begin preparing the food for the big wedding meal. This was around three hours before the guests started to arrive.

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Path of the Three Pools

Path of the Three Pools

I’m going to share one tip that I’ve learned from living and traveling in China. The best time to visit a major tourist attraction is sunrise. You’ll get there well before the main crowds wake up. In China this is important. People have been making babies for a long time in China and most of the famous tourist attractions in China have been famous for longer than that. When you are at a famous tourist destination at a normal hour it will feel like every person in China has decided to visit the place that you want visit. Which makes sense when you remember that these places have been famous tourist destinations since before some western countries were even countries.

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