Zhongshan View, Dalian

Dalian, Zhongshan District

I went exploring in downtown Dalian last Sunday. The original plan was to visit the Dalian Botanical Gardens. It’s usually a great place in the spring when all the vegetation is in bloom. But, spring hasn’t made its way to Dalian yet and there was no blooming vegetation. Then, I noticed a pagoda at the top of a nearby mountain and decided that was the place to be.

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Sprawl with Chinese Characteristics


Today, I went geocaching for the first time. I heard about geocaching on the JustJapan podcast a few day ago. The hosts made it seem like a good way to explore new parts of the city and find new places to photograph. So I decided to give it a try. My first hunt took me to Fuguo Park, which is basically a trail that follows the ridge of one of the many mountains/hills that dot the Dalian landscape. This particular mountain is great one side is the Xinghai area with a nice view of the ocean and on the other side is the sprawl. A vast ocean of apartment blocks as far as the eye can see.

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Retirement Home Portrait 2

Retirement Home Portrait-6065

A couple of years ago I joined the photography club at Tiafu College’s Chengdu campus. The usual club activity was a photo walk at a tourist destination in or around the city. One weekend the members told me that they were going to volunteer at a retirement home near campus. They told me I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to. I decided to go with them to practice doing fill flash portraits.

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Sleeping Dog

Salvation Mountain-9771

This photo goes back to before my China days. I had just seen the documentary Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea and wanted to explore the area with the ultimate goal of making it to Salvation Mountain. Upon arriving at Salvation Mountain I saw this guy curled up in the sand soaking up the afternoon rays.

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Wenlan Chamen

Wenlan Chamen

I came across this little garden/temple complex wandering around Hangzhou’s West Lake one morning.

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Attack of the Pigeons

Attack of the Pigeons

Some things, like feeding pigeons, are universal.

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It’s a Chinese tradition to write wishes on paper lanterns and release them during special occasions or holidays. This particular lantern release was in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival.

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